Saturday, June 30, 2007

9 Lower Body Moves

The beginners (white/yellow belt, Hachikyu) are taught 15 fundamental upper body moves (UBM) and 9 lower body moves (LBM) of Isshinryu Karate.

As Sensei Vern Brekke taught me; aim with the knee (load/chamber), deliver kick, return to chamber position, stance. Kick returns twice as fast as it is delivered.

Isshin-ryu kicks are primarily snapped back (twice as fast) after they hit a target, while thrust kicks dominate other styles.

Unless otherwise noted:
all kicks hands are open and holding the sides at the obi, palms down,
all kicks are proceeded by a backward step,
all kicks are from a defensive stance, seisan dashi,
all kata are repeated on the left side.

Lower Body Moves

  1. Front Snap Kick
  2. Crossover Kick (Stomp Kick)
  3. Knee Kick (Groin Strike)
  4. Side Kick
  5. Beside Kick (Side Kick with Ball of Foot)
  6. Drop Kick (Low Round House To Knee)
  7. Front Thrust Kick (Heel Push Kick)
  8. Forward Angle Kick
  9. Front Kick-Back Kick (Knee Smash)

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