Saturday, September 26, 2009

Upper Body Basics Names

15 Upper Body Moves of Isshinryu Karate with Japanese names and English translations.

Hand Techniques, Te Waza

1Seiken oi tsuki
Straight punch
2Jodan oi tsuki
Upper cut
3Seiken gyaku tsuki
Reverse punch
4Jodan gyaku tsuki
Reverse upper cut
5Gedan barai seiken tsuki
Low block/straight punch
6Chudan uke seiken tsuki
Middle block/straight punch
7Tegata barai nukite
Open hand block/fingertip strike
8Jodan tegata uke jodan tsuki
Open hand upper block/upper cut
9Jodan uke seiken tsuki
Upper block/Straight punch
10Ura uchi seiken tsuki
Upper block/back fist/straight punch
11Gedan barai go den choku tsuki
Low block/5 straight punches
12Chudan uke go den choku tsuki
Middle block/5 straight punches
13Shuto Uchi Shuto Uchi
Low knife hand strike/knife hand strike
14O-Uchi O-Uchi
Palm heel deflection/ 2 roundhouse punches
15Hije no ato tsuki
Step back/elbow strike (bear hug break)

Original materials sourced from the Joslin East/West Karate Dojo hand outs and the Danzan Ryu Jujitsu boards. Note that these translations are my own using the Japanese Martial Arts Character Dictionary by Prof. Thomas R. Jenkins and have not been reviewed by my Sensei yet.

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